Business Environment

Corporate Real Estate, Business Space, Infrastructure & Connectivity

ULV President & CEO Mark J Finlay (MJF) is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the world’s largest association for professionals involved in the built and natural environment. Together with colleagues he has considerable experience in development, delivery, finance, management and operation of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) solutions across a range of business sectors and multiple jurisdictions.

Power, Waste & Water, Digital, Transport Links and Supply Chain Considerations

Responsible Business Leaders are increasingly seeking advice on the security and sustainability of their existing facilities as well as carefully selecting site locations and supply chain partners for both domestic and international expansion.

A spate significant weather incidents, not to mention the impact of terrorism, civil disturbances and supplier misconduct, have given pause for thought, regarding just how robust supply lines, connections, back-up systems and practices and procedures actually are. In lower Manhattan large and small Corporations alike suddenly learned to their cost that business continuity was fragile and many have subsequently started to consider redundancy, back-up and alternative power and digital connections.

Ports, Infrastructure & Marine Environment

MJF has significant experience in the development of Ports and infrastructure. This experience extends to the operational environment. ULV has recently provided advisory services in North America and Europe. ULV works closely with Harvard Marine a Massachusetts based specialist marine consultancy.