Ambassadorial & Diplomatic Services

ULV Americas Inc. (ULVA) provides representative and diplomatic services to corporations, agencies and individuals in a number of jurisdictions.

Attention to detail is of utmost importance when representing clients’ interests. ULVA adheres to protocol, appreciates etiquette and assures discretion in delivering services to clients in positions of leadership and influence, from different regions and cultural backgrounds.

  • Protocol Advisory Services
  • Event Planning
    • Precedence, Flags & Emblems, Signage
    • Seating Plans and Table Setting Etiquette
  • Principal Scheduling & Support
  • Security and Logistics
    • Bespoke Travel & Transportation
  • Prepping and coordinating VIP Visits, CODELs and Trade Delegations
  • Representing corporations at events
  • Understanding cross-cultural dynamics
  • Rich relationships in faith based communities
  • Strong connections in national & regional parliaments and assemblies:-

      • The Congress of the United States 
      • The Palace of Westminster
      • The European Parliament
      • Oireachtas Éireann
      • USA State Legislatures
      • Metropolitan & City Councils 
      • UK Devolved Assemblies