Case Studies

ULVA has worked to establish strategic connections and open up market opportunities for clients in North America and beyond.  In 2013/14 the company has supported:-

CRL USA : Helping the UK & Ireland’s third largest provider of Structural Warranties for new homes in preparing to launch in the United States. ULVA helped to prepare CRL’s launch strategy and business plan.

Sancroft : ULVA has continued to represent the UK’s preeminent Sustainability Consultancy which advises leading brands about their ethical, environmental and social performance and responsibilities. ULVA provides the services of Mark J Finlay in both a business development capacity and as a professional in the built environment with over 25-years experience of corporate real estate and business infrastructure.

Warmflow Engineering : ULVA is supporting Warmflow in its determination to introduce into USA its highly efficient and low emission appliances developed in Northern Ireland for the European market including its Wood Pellet boiler and Ground Source Heat Pump.  Initial compliance testing have confirmed that Warmflow’s technology will exceed expectations in this new market.

Zentec Forensic & e-Safe Systems : ULVA is partnering with the principals of this British Malaysian technology collaboration, seeking to facilitate a realignment of Intellectual Property and capital while at the same time exploring the opportunities afforded by the education and commercial sectors. e-Safe offers unique protection in the education space, both protecting and educating users about the dangers of inappropriate imagery and text language including bullying. The same back-end systems deployed in the corporate arena provide Data Loss Protection and drive efficiency and compliance with HR & Computer policies.

In 2014/15 ULVA will continue to support these clients and is working with a number of others including:-

  • Lighthouse Trading
  • Americas Brightest
  • LFA
  • Bennett Consulting
  • JPB Capital Partners