About Us

ULV Americas Inc. (ULVA) is a Strategic Partnerships and Connections Consultancy business, with rich relationships in legislatures, in business and faith communities and with leaders in civic society across the Americas and EMEA.

Since 1996 ULVA’s experienced executive team has been serving leaders, corporations and NGO’s in domestic and international markets by providing leadership and diplomacy, in promoting understanding and in navigating opportunities in North America, Europe and in emerging markets.

In 2012 increased activity in this arena inspired the creation of ULVA, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and established in the State of Maryland in the Washington DC Metro.

ULVA has experience and a track-record of delivery across multiple jurisdictions. The company assembles teams of seasoned executives and young professionals with complementary diplomatic, technical, professional and commercial disciplines to serve its clients.

ULVA provides ambassadorial, diplomatic, executive management and business development services to client and connected companies. ULVA advises on business development, establishes strategic partnerships and delivers positive outcomes. The company has multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary, professional experience in the built environmental; in the agri-business and food production sectors; in natural resources & energy; in corporate governance; in domestic and international political and diplomatic circles; in engineering and technology; and in credit equity & debt funding.

ULV is currently serving clients and/or invested in the following areas:

  • Business-t0-Business Credit Card Processing
  • Trans-Atlantic Security & Cooperation
  • Environmental, Ethical & Social Performance
  • Infrastructure – Ports, Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Food Production, Food Service, Food Retail
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Commodity Trading & Natural Resources
  • Creative Industry – Children’s Television
  • Technology – e-Safe Compliance; cyber-security